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Cognitive & Sensory Development in Children


Nov 12, 2022


Foot development is an intricate combination of innate biological variables and external factors like footwear and mechanical forces. Children’s footwear is crucial for supporting their feet as they develop locomotor skills and explore and engage with their surroundings. Thus, the footwear industry plays a vital role in the development of children and thus wields the potential to sway the scales of development.

More often than not, the wrong footwear is chosen by the unsuspecting consumer, thus resulting in injuries and disabilities that show up in adulthood. This is not only limited to physical damage but can also hamper cognitive and sensory development. Cognitive traits are predispositions to explore stimulation to activate the mind, whereas sensory traits are tendencies to seek stimuli related to the senses. Development of the foot is ongoing during childhood; this elasticity makes the size, shape, and design of footwear imperative. There are multiple developmental milestones mapping gross motor ability and cognitive strength. It is essential that the chosen footwear caters to the evolving needs of the budding child. For instance, kids of ages 1 to 4 display signs of cognitive growth whereas those of ages 5 to 9 show a rapid surge in physical activity as well as mental aptitudes. Shoes that mould according to natural growth have been shown to alter biomechanics in children and enhance foot health and movement pattern.

A growing child receives important sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. Keeping this in mind, Aretto has designed shoes that provide ample cushioning while allowing their feet to touch the ground. This furthers their overall cognitive and sensory development. Staying true to this idea, the sole has been engineered with an optimal thickness of 3mm to provide suitable comfort and protection. Adding to the benefits of the sole, the results procured by the need analysis revealed that the upper, insole and outer sole were the key focus areas. The upper is made of a breathable material to absorb ample perspiration. Finally, the purpose of the outer sole is to provide traction, litheness and cushioning but it should also be modeled to adjust to toddler activities. Hence, the anti-skid material provides a subtle grip and aid in the development of motor skills. Additionally, the footwear sports some additional features to fulfill its functional requirements. For instance, sole strength and grip design are enhanced to cater to exposure to new terrains and prolonged usage. This technology will allow your budding young one to go forth and learn all those new skills they’ve been wanting to master!

All in all, footwear choices play a significant role in childhood development. Aretto incorporates its one-of-a-kind design to produce shoes that will support your kid’s delicate feet and act as a catalyst for their overall growth and development!

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