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Let’s be Real: How Much Do Arettos Expand?

By Angela Naik

Feb 07, 2024

One question that most parents have when they purchase our shoes is, “How long can my child wear one pair of Arettos?” Well, to be honest, we don’t know the exact answer either and we have a very good reason for this. 

Our Shoes Grow!

Growing Shoes, Kid's Expandable Shoes

As you already know, Arettos expand up to three sizes with your kid’s feet. To be exact, our shoe grows up to 18mm. The ‘blooming’ of the shoe does not put any pressure on the toes and provides ample space for healthy foot development. The organic growth of the shoe is completely dependent on the growth rate of your child’s foot. However, we can’t say how long the shoe will last as there really is no true answer! 

Different Kids Have Different Growth Rates

Simply put, the longevity of Arettos depends on the rate of growth of your kid’s foot. 

Let’s say there are two kids, Kid A and Kid B

Kid A’s foot grows 20mm in 8 months while Kid B’s foot grows merely 16mm in the same period. 

Kid A has grown out of S3 as his feet have grown 20mm from when he bought the Arettos (Arettos grow up to 18mm). In this case, Kid A would now have to wear S4 Arettos. 

Kid B has not grown out of S3 yet. His feet have only grown 16mm; so he can wear S3 Arettos for some more time and then switch to S4. 

As we can infer from above, depending on your kid’s growth rate, one pair of Arettos can last anywhere from 6 months to 24 months.  

How Age Plays a Vital Role 

Another important factor to consider is your kid’s age. Younger kids develop and grow faster than older kids. If you have two kids, one wearing size S2 and the other wearing size S5, the child in size S2 will outgrow their pair faster than the child in size S5. This is completely normal and is a healthy indicator that your child is developing and growing correctly! 

Why Are Kid’s Expandable Shoes So Popular?

You see, most shoes in the market are simply smaller versions of adult footwear. 

In adult sizing, sizes progress linearly like 6, 7, 8, and so forth since adult feet typically don't grow. Conversely, children's feet are in a constant state of growth. For instance, if a child wears size 5, within a few months, that size may become too tight, while size 6 would be too large. An ideal children's shoe should accommodate sizes between 5 and 6 seamlessly; which is exactly what Aretto does. The idea is simply to give growing kids growing shoes! 

Like we said, it’s tricky to give you the exact number when it comes to the longevity of an Aretto. However, since Arettos are adaptable shoes made with high quality materials, they are durable and easy to care for, enabling them to last long!

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