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The Anatomy Of Kids' Feet

By Tasha Rohmetra

Nov 05, 2022


The first 10 years of a child’s life witness maximum foot growth. Keeping up with the ever-changing size and needs of a child’s feet can prove to be a challenge for parents. As a result, toddlers often wear worn-off shoes that don’t quite fit properly. Ineptly fitted shoes can have negative consequences on a child’s feet as well as their physical and cognitive development. The foot is an intricate structure of 26 bones and 35 joints, held together and supported by the ligaments. A baby’s foot is padded with fat and mainly contains cartilage, which, over time, fuses and hardens into adult bones. Their foot lies flat on the ground with no toe or heel lift and an organic tangential girth cross-section. Even though the basic structure of the foot is adequately developed by the end of the initial 2 years, the bones themselves do not entirely mature and solidify until approximately the age of 13. Therefore, it is essential to wear proper shoes from an early age so as to facilitate proper bone development. Failure to meet this requirement may lead to a myriad of health issues, including minor foot ailments such as blisters and cuts to feet deformities such as calluses and hammertoes.

Kids’ foot anatomy is completely different from those of adults and thus their requirements vary from traditional footwear. Keeping this in mind, Aretto has designed footwear that prevents unnaturally raised toes. Our soles also feature our patented Supergrooves technology which adapts to the natural foot shape of the child and expands organically up to 3 sizes, ensuring the perfect fit throughout. 

This design contradicts the traditional notion of “if the shoe fits.” Instead of the feet adapting to the shape of the shoe, this advanced sole design makes the shoe adapt to the feet. This innovative combination of the Supergrooves and our Infiknit, which is a stretchable upper serve as a one-of-a-kind solution for a self-expanding and self-adapting shoe for children.

Last but not least, the shoe last is considered the “heart of the shoe” and its shape determines the fit, performance, functionality, and ergonomics of the shoe. Aretto produces a completely custom last which has been designed keeping in mind the natural foot shape of the child. To conclude, Aretto stays true to its name and delivers excellence for your child’s foot health and growth needs!

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