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The Best Ways to Store and Organize Kids’ Shoes


Jul 10, 2024


Keeping kids' shoes organized can be a challenge due to their rapid growth and active lifestyles. Proper organization not only helps maintain the shoes but also encourages children to take responsibility for their belongings. Here are some effective ways to store and organize kids’ shoes, including tips for managing different types of footwear, like Aretto shoes, which support natural foot development.

1. Shoe Racks and Shelves

Dedicated Shoe Racks: Invest in a dedicated shoe rack for kids' shoes. These racks can be placed in entryways or closets and help keep shoes in one place, making them easy to find and access. Look for adjustable racks that can grow with your child’s shoe collection.

Shelves: Wall-mounted shelves are another great option. They save floor space and can be installed at a height accessible to your child. This encourages kids to put their shoes away themselves, fostering a sense of responsibility.

2. Shoe Bins and Baskets

Individual Bins: Use individual bins or baskets labeled with each child’s name. This method is particularly useful for families with multiple children. Bins can be placed in a closet or under a bench for easy access.

Open Baskets: Open baskets near the entryway can serve as a quick drop-off point for kids' shoes. This is convenient for daily use and helps prevent shoes from being scattered around the house.

3. Over-the-Door Organizers

Hanging Organizers: Over-the-door organizers with pockets are perfect for storing kids' shoes. Each pocket can hold a pair of shoes, keeping them visible and organized. This method is ideal for saving space and can be used in closets or bedroom doors.

4. Rotating Seasonal Shoes

Seasonal Storage: Store out-of-season shoes in labeled bins or boxes. Keep these bins in less accessible places like the top of a closet or under the bed. This helps declutter the space and ensures that only current-season kids' shoes are easily reachable.

5. Shoe Cabinets

Closed Cabinets: A closed shoe cabinet can keep the area looking tidy and prevent dust from accumulating on the shoes. Look for cabinets with adjustable shelves to accommodate adaptive shoes, especially for growing kids.

6. Using Clear Containers

Transparent Boxes: Clear shoe boxes allow you to see the shoes inside without having to open each box. This is particularly helpful for keeping track of all pairs and makes it easy for kids to find the shoes they want to wear.

7. Labeling and Colour Coding

Labels and Colours: Label bins, shelves, or boxes with pictures or words to help younger children identify where their shoes go. Colour coding can also be useful – for instance, use different colours for shoes for boys and shoes for girls or for different types of footwear.

8. Encouraging Responsibility

Easy Access: Ensure that storage solutions are at a height that children can easily reach. This encourages them to put away and retrieve their shoes independently.

Daily Routine: Incorporate shoe organization into the daily routine. For example, make it a habit to put away shoes right after coming home from school or outdoor play.

9. Special Considerations for Specific Brands

Aretto Shoes: For shoes like Aretto, which are designed for natural foot development and can expand up to three sizes, it’s important to ensure they are stored in a way that maintains their shape. Avoid overcrowding them in bins or racks. Use individual compartments if possible to keep them in good condition.

10. Utilizing Space Efficiently

Under-Bed Storage: Utilize under-bed storage for shoes that are not frequently worn. This is an efficient way to use space that might otherwise go unused.

Cubbies: Cubbies are excellent for organizing kids’ shoes, providing a dedicated spot for each pair. They can be custom-built or purchased and placed in entryways or closets.

By implementing these strategies, you can keep kids' shoes organized and in good condition. Whether it's finding the best kids’ shoes online or managing footwear for boys and girls, these tips will help maintain order and make daily routines smoother. Investing in good organizational tools and teaching children to use them will not only keep your home tidy but also instill lifelong habits of organization and care for personal belongings.

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