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What Makes The InfiKnit The Perfect Fit?


Dec 17, 2022


When designing a shoe for growing children, we wanted to create a product that would allow them to move comfortably while addressing the unique challenges that children face when finding the right footwear. We considered the ideal shape and materials and carefully examined different types of materials and manufacturing processes to determine the best options.

For the shoe upper, we chose the innovative 3D knitting process, which allows flat knitting machines to produce a complete shoe upper that's ready to be attached to the sole. This process is fully automated and produces minimal waste. We also used two different types of knit modules to ensure that our design was flexible and foot-friendly.

To determine the areas of the foot that needed the most support, we used zonal mapping to understand how shoes are typically used and which zones of the foot require the most support. We considered the different functions of each part of the foot, from the toes to the ankle, to choose the ideal knit based on those requirements.

For the ankle collar, we wanted a knit that was stretchable for easy movement but also tight and secure enough to hold the foot in place. The wrap rib knit was the best choice for this purpose. For the central upper, we needed a knit that was flexible in all directions, as children are often running, playing, and moving around. The stockinette knit was breathable and supportive, making it the perfect choice for this area.

In conclusion, designing a comfortable and suitable shoe for growing children requires careful consideration. The result is a shoe that allows children to move freely and comfortably while meeting their unique needs.

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